I love my Mother Dearest!

Mom and I got to spend some alone time with each other! I wish we would of captured more pictures of our great time together. Trying on wigs, shopping for shoes, walking the mall and catching up on the sofas of Wilcox Furniture! I will always love my adventures with this crazy lady!! 

Trying on wigs

And then shoes....

Tapping the night off right at Twang!

You are my rock. You are all anyone could ever need!! Thanks for be sturdy enough for all 5 of us to lean on!


Thank you Lord for the opportunity to raise this child! It's never a dull moment with a spirit like this little guy has.

I love all of our adventures, even if they don't involve leaving the house. JD has taught me to always question life and always get my questions answered. Curiosity definitely hasn't killed this cat!